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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions TLS Credit Services (“TLS”) This agreement is made by and between the Applicant and TLS Credit Services. Applicant is an Adult individual residing in one of the fifty states of the United States of America. This Agreement is not binding or effective until it has been received and accepted by TLS. This agreement shall last through the completion of not less than 3 dispute cycles, ordinarily a period of six (6) months. Applicant agrees as follows: To provide TLS, copies of any and all correspondence received from the credit reporting agencies and creditors supplying information to those agencies, which relates to credit report entries that are subject to challenge and verification pursuant to this Agreement within fourteen (14) days of receipt thereof, please mail all correspondence. While this Agreement is in effect, Applicant will not apply for any type of credit, including credit cards, car loans, or secured financing without written notification to, and consultation with TLS, at least 7 days prior to submitting the credit application. Applicant understands that credit reporting agencies have no obligation to remove accurate, verifiable information unless it is listed beyond that period of time in which it is lawful to report it. Applicant understands TLS, cannot guarantee specific results due to the fact that all results obtained are dependent on a variety of factors, some of which are outside the control of TLS, including Applicant’s ability to repay creditors, the cooperation of Applicant’s creditors, and the credit reporting agencies’ ability to verify information provided to them by Applicant. TLS Credit Services agrees as follows: Applicant’s present credit report as reported by all of the three major credit reporting agencies will be evaluated in order to help identify potentially inaccurate, unverifiable and outdated information Applicant will be advised with regard to the actions necessary for Applicant to complete the disputed process. Applicant will be provided regular written updates as to the progress of disputes. Applicant may cancel his or her Enrollment within three (3) business days from the date this Enrollment Agreement is received by TLS. To cancel this Enrollment, mail a signed, dated and notarized letter to CANCELLATIONS c/o TLS 7446 Sw 48 St. Miami, FL. 33155 There is no penalty for cancellation within these 3 business days. If you cancel you will receive a full refund of the entire made to TLS, and all obligations between the parties shall be null and void.