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"We've Walked A Mile In Your Shoes..."

About Us

“…We Know What You’re Going Through.”

TLS Credit Services was founded by Angel Mendez, a small business owner who was tired of receiving harassing collection calls after the real estate market crash. It was during this ordeal that he asked himself one question – “Is there any law that protects consumers from harassing collection companies? The answer he found was YES there is, you just need a system to follow when applying it. With this in mind, in 2008, he created a system that enabled him to quickly and cost effectively stop harassing collection calls and get back on track. The System proved to be so successful that he saw a business opportunity in bringing that same service to family, friends and consumers all over the U.S.


Angel Mendez (Founder and CEO of TLS Credit Repair)

Our Mission

Our World is providing a quality service that focuses on the deletion of consumer’s Negative, Unverifiable, and Inaccurate information reporting to National Credit Bureaus. Through our services, relationships and results we will help consumers get back on track.

Our record of effectiveness and innovation, coupled with the numerous samples of results we have achieved for many clients, singles us out as the credit repair company to watch. With a strong business strategy in place, we now have the opportunity to push for even greater success.

Get Financially Unstuck

TLS Credit Services focuses on getting consumers back on track in their finances by providing endless solutions to their credit needs.

Do you have a financial crisis? Are you looking to get a fresh financial start without the need of bankruptcy? We are here for all your credit repair needs. We help individuals and businesses to get a fresh financial start, prevent fraud, manage credit risk and automate decision making. We also assist individuals to check their credit score and credit report, as well as protect against identity theft.